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Here is a brief history of how Goshen was founded.

David Zeisberger was a Moravian clergyman, missionary, and translator among the Native Americans in the Thirteen Colonies. He travelled from Pennsylvania to Michigan territory. He became fluent in the Onondaga Iroquoian dialect. He also produced dictionaries and religious works in Iroquoian and Algonquian. He worked among the Delaware of Pennsylvania, coming into conflict with British authorities over his advocacy of Natives’ rights and his ongoing efforts to establish white and native Moravian communities in southern Ohio. His relations with British authorities worsened during the American Revolutionary War and in 1781 he was arrested and held at Fort Detroit. On March 8, 1782,while he was imprisoned, 98 of his Native American converts in Ohio were murdered by Pennsylvania militiamen in a bloody event known as the Gnadenhutten Massacre.


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  1. Hi! We have decided not to scan all of the pages related to the Bass Island articles as only a small portion of the page is about the Island. However I will type in the articles with the name of the paper and date of the release. Debbie G., if you would like to e-mail me at my home address of mdavis1574@gmail.com, I could get your address and mail the actual papers to your house. I hope to get started on typing the items later this evening. THANKS! Cindy Krocker Davis

  2. Hi! I spent a part of my morning with three members of the Tuscarawas County Historical Society today. They had already located many items from past newspapers about Bass/Edie Island! It is so interesting. Also, I have three photos, two of Beidler School and one of a home near the canal in Goshen with a bridge in the background. We will post all of this information/photos as soon as possible so stay tuned! THANKS! Cindy Krocker Davis

    • Cindy, I’m so excited to see what was found in newspapers about the island! I’ve searched many online newspaper sources and found very little. I know I need to get there myself, I’m adding it to my planned little road trip to photograph family grave markers.
      I have not heard from the man from the Parks Department, maybe he’s too busy enjoying his very new retirement. I don’t want to be a pest so I’ll wait a little while before I try contacting them again.
      Thanks for your help and information! Debbie

      • Hi, Debbie! I am hoping some of the newspaper articles will be posted today or tomorrow. We are having scanner issues that should be corrected todaoy. The articles I have are from 1901 but the Historical Society said they are continueing to read papers from later years and will copy items and keep them for me. I didn’t find out too much about Beidler but they are going to keep lookng! (Other than some photos of the school.) Cindy Krocker Davis

  3. Hi, everyone! I was able to speak with a member of the Tuscarawas County Historical Society yesterday and he will be “investigating” the origin of the Beidler name for us. He had some very interesting photos as well. I may see if I can get copies….. I will keep you posted! Cindy Krocker Davis

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