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  1. Hi, Jane! No there wasn’t much information included in the photos given to me by the TCHS. We do have one Beidler School Class photo that is from 1908 with the teacher identified. You can go to the top of this page and click on “Buildings, businesses and places” and then click on “Beidler School” to see it. It was sent to me several years ago by Paul King who resided in Chardon. The teacher was his Aunt, I believe… Do you have any information about where the school was located exactly? I really wish I could talk to Aunt Evelyn right now. She remembered a lot of Goshen History! THANKS! Cindy Krocker Davis

    • Cindy ~ I recall my mother saying the Beidler School was located where (in my day that is) Frank Gephart lived. This would have been across the road from my Uncled Fred Rausch (also in my day) and across from where the lane goes up to the home where Doug Krocker lives (again, if he still lives here). This would be the home of your late grandparents and MY Grandma Howard. The History of Schools in Tuscarawas County book also bears this out. The school would have been built on the east side of the road, or on the side of the river. It’s too bad these wonderful pictures were not identified. My mother was good about writing all of the names/dates on her pictures, which has helped me so much in all of my genealogy endeavors. Each of our grandchildren has a big box stored in one of my closets containing more family history/pictures than they’ll probably want ~ but someday way in the future, they may be thrilled of the everyday “stuff” that I left for them. I enjoy reading the Goshen website ~ even if its about people I don’t know. Thanks to all of you for your work.

      • Yes, Doug still lives in Grandma and Grandpa Krocker’s house. Dad has the book about the Tuscarawas County Schools. I have not looked at it as I just discovered he has it. Feel free to submit any of your Goshen info to the website! We are always happy to get photos, stories etc..if you have any. Glad you are enjoying the website! It is very interesting! THANKS!!! Cindy Krocker Davis

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