Goshen School – 1947? — 3 Comments

  1. These Goshen School photos and the identifications were given to my by my husbands Aunt, who now lives in Michigan. I know there were some mispelled names but thought it best to post it as it was given to me. Cindy Krocker Davis P.S. People still spell Krocker with a “C” and sometimes pronounce it as CROAKER! Ha,ha!

    • Don’t worry–I wasn’t complaining–just commenting. I have been doing family research since 1977 and it is amazing how names get misspelled. You wouldn’t believe how many times our name has been printed in news articles, etc. as “Hamilton.” Well….it does start with HA and ends with ON. :o)

  2. It is always interesting to see how our name is misspelled. My favorite is “Handlawn.” On this photo it is handwritten as “Handlon.”

    Hopefully, the folks in Goshen know by now that it is “Hanlon” although it was originally O’Hanlon when the ancestors came from Ireland back in the 1760’s. When the Irish were being persecuted in the early 1800’s, a lot of Irish dropped the O and Mc from their names so people wouldn’t realize they were Irish. There were actually signs in shop windows that read: “Help Wanted — Irish need not apply.”

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