Invitation to stop through Jan 1, 6-9pm and enjoy the Page Family Christmas display.

I am engaged to their oldest son, Shane. We have 2 children, Mitchell, 13 and Brayden, 6. Jim has passed down the enjoyment of putting out the Christmas display to his sons, and now our children. It’s a family affair. Our children enjoy telling everyone they come in contact with about the Christmas display and love watching children’s faces glow when they turn off of 416 onto Goshen Valley Rd. We add to the display 30-40 new items every year. We recently purchased a Winnie the Pooh from 1977, which brought Shane to tears. It was the very first blowmold his father bought for him, which was lost in the house fire. We also purchased 3 lanterns, a white, red and green, that were used in small towns 50 years ago. Each and every blowmold has a story behind it, with most of them being vintage.

We invite you to stop by through Jan 1, 6-9pm and enjoy the Christmas display we have.

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