New McWilliams Family History added…. — 6 Comments

    • Hi…i am so sorry to be so late in responding, i talked to my Aunt Nancy, and she said it wouldn’t be her, possibly my cousin Patty? There were a few Beatle fanatics in our family for sure!

    • Thanks Janice, we had just about as much fun that a small close knit community of children could have!! Funny thinking back on those days, and our fun times almost always included my Mom, she was Mom to so many! She sure could ride a bike and pitch a softball!! She’d still be doing it today if she could, she has such a sweet young heart!! We’re blessed!

  1. Thanks for submitting the info about the Lloyd McWilliams family! I remember getting as many of the Goshen gang together as we could for the softball and football games. Everyone loved hanging out together! Those were the good ol’ days! Cindy Krocker Davis

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