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OHIO DEMOCRAT & TIMES- August 15, 1901

Posted by on February 1, 2013
  Methodist Baskets
    There was a busy time last Thursday down at Bass Island as nine picnics were held on that day, the largest being the Methodist aggregation of this city. Before telling stories about car loads of baskets you should have seen the load of the John Wesley baskets that brought up the rear of the six cars that hauled the brethren and sisters down.
        A Pleasant Entertainment
    On last Friday evening Miss Willa Gentsch entertained twenty young ladies and gentlemen who with herself compsed the party that camped near Bass Island a week recently. Harold Cline, who was just returned from school at Wooster was the only guest in addition to the ex-campers. The reception took the form of a “porch-party.” The lawn adn commodious porch of the bea;utiful East AVenue home were decorated with Japanese lanterns. Refreshments were served. the evening closed with music and dancing.
    Metzger Family Reunion
    Thursday, August 8, 1901, will long be remembered by the descendants of Hentry Metzger Sr. About 60 of the immediate relatives and friends held a reunion at Bass Island. the family consists of six cheldren, five of whom with their husbands, wives, children and grandchildren were present. One sister, Mrs. Isaac Metzger, was absent because of ill hearlth. Five of her children represented her on this occasion. An elegant picnic dinner was served. It was greatly enjoyed and all will testify to its merits. The day was beautiful and everything contributed to make this a very enjoyable event.It was the first reunion of this family but it is the wish of all that it may be an annual occurrance in the future.
    Big Crowd out Sunday
    The crwd at Bass Island Sunday was quite large and the music by the Reeves’ Military band was very much enjoyed. The crowd was so large that the street cars were taxed to take the crwods home. If these great multitudes continue to gather at the island it will be necessary to build a switch near Stillwater bridge, so that cars will be in waiting.

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