Picture of a ball game taking place…

Mitch Davis, Doug Davis, Matt Davis

This game occurred in 1992 and was touted as the Whiffle Ball World Series, which was held in the front yard of Marvin and Cindy Krocker Davis, of Goshen Valley Rd. Those participating included Josh and Justin Carlisle, Brandon Haney, Seth, Chris and Nathan Albury, Doug Davis, Brandon Haney, Dan and Steve Krocker and Mitch, Matt and Marc Davis. The idea came from Mitch who set up the yard in replica World Series fashion. The teams had official names and logos as well. They were the Goshen Valley Athletics vs. the Biedler Braves. An article appeared in the Times Reporter about the event. During this time, the Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays were about to square off in the actual World Series.

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