1942 Ida Smith Howard Home…

Grandma Howard '42


Submitted by Jane Rausch Delcoma
This picture was taken at the home of MY Grandma Ida Smith Howard in Goshen on Thanksgiving Day, 1942.  Pictured are:  First row:  Eddie Krocker, my (stupid) brother Jerry Rausch(sticking his tongue out as a typical 9-yr old) and Carol Moore Stanley.  In Back:  My mother Mildred Howard Rausch, MY Grandma Ida Smith Howard, my older brother Jack Rausch,  my Aunt Evelyn Howard Moore holding Tom Krocker, and my older sister Jeanette Rausch Nicks.  (Joe Krocker’s childhood home can be seen in the background.)  We would have walked over Goshen Hill from our home to get to Grandma’s house because during the war my Dad lived/worked in Canton and we wouldn’t had a car.