Pissocra Family

As told by Ronald Pissocra:

The Pissocra Store played a large part in the history of the Goshen Community.

Ronald Pissocra’s grandparents, Innocents (not sure of this spelling) and Theresa Pissocra started their grocery business in 1916. They sold it to their son Carl in 1929.

Carl and Elle operated the store (and side room as a “beer parlor”) through World War II. In 1946 they closed the grocery store and went into the “Army Surplus” business. Around 1950 they closed that business and went into the “home improvement” business.

Thus, it was the only store and business in the Goshen Community.

Innocents and Theresa raised three daughters; Mary Heldt, Inez Heldt, Edith Bonvechio, and son Carl.

Carl and Elle raised two sons, Ronald and Carl both now living in Dover, Ohio.

I have many fond memories working in the store and delivering groceries every Tuesday and Saturday to most of the people living in and near Goshen.

Paul and Mary Mehok Family

Paul and Mary Mehok moved to Goshen on May 21, 1954, after purchasing the property which was formerly the Pissocra’s Store. They settled here to be closer to Paul’s work at Warner and Swasey’s. Mary said they didn’t want to live in town. The couple had three daughters, Sharon, Paula and Amy. Paula and her husband Mark Putnam also reside on Goshen Valley Rd. in the house once owned by Carlo and Virginia Terazzi. Amy also lives on Goshen Vly. Rd. near Mary. Sharon (Freed) recently passed away after suffering with many health issues. She and her husband Bill (also deceased) have a son, Andy. Paul died on April 12, 1992 after a long battle with cancer. Mary later married Norman Stover, also of Goshen on May 22, 1994. He is now deceased.