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  1. EVA Lute is my great grandmother. Her daughter Miriam (spelling?) was my grandmother and her family lived in the house across the street from the laundromat in Tusky. The house has since been torn down. My father William Garner may have some older pictures of my grandma and family, or even my Uncle Paul (Red, as he was known.) If you would like their contact info please email me I would be happy to give it to you. And Hi Janice! It has been a long time since I seen you last!:)

  2. Does anyone know how to contact the manufacturers of Union Salve, do they have an email address? I’m very interested in selling it on my website, so I would like to purchase it wholesale. We specialize in carbolic soaps but would really like to expand our product line to include a carbolic salve. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • My name is Esther M. (Haney) Cox, I’m the grand-daughter of I.F. Hill that made the Union (black) Salve. I used to make it, but I turned the business over to my son David A. Cox. He would be glad to send you some samples of The Union (black) Salve, Vapor Ointment and White Liniment. Thanks, Esther

  3. Hi, Vicki! My brother, Joe Krocker came up with the idea for the site. He created it and maintains it. I help with it as much as I can. We are still looking for a photo of Eva Lute’s home which was next to Garry Sr. and Gloria’s home before it was torn down. Also, a family pic including Eva and her family would be great! Do you know how to locate any of those? Thanks for your interest in this site! Glad your dad is enjoying it as well. He can add his memories by clicking on a comment button, or you may submit them for him if he would like. THANKS again. Cindy Krocker Davis

  4. Eva Lute was Issac Hill’s daughter, she was born on top of Goshen Hill at the old Hill Homestead. Dad is really enjoying this site and is setting here with me reminiscing, he has a lot of memories of Goshen. Thank you to whomever is responsible for this site!

  5. That is such a nice story about your Aunt Eva. Could you or Amber give us some background on her? Such as how she came to Goshen, her age when she died, the name of her children, a photo, etc? I know I, as well as others, would be very interested in this. THANKS! Cindy Krocker Davis

  6. I miss Aunt Eva. She was the sweetest lady. When I was pregnant with my oldest, she’d tell the Garners that I was going to have the baby on her birthday. She was right. Justine was born on dear Aunt Eva’s birthday, June 14th (flag day). Shouts to heaven…I still have your picture in my Bible. I love & miss you! Jack’s daughter, Janice Davis Bisharat… JMJ

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