“Fuzzy” and Carol Carlisle Family

Don “Fuzzy” and Carol Carlisle moved to Goshen in 1961 to their home on Goshen Valley Rd. The Carlisles were surprised to learn that Don’s grandparents, Gibson, Sr. and Ellla Carlisle, and their children Leroy, Florence, Elizabeth and Gibson Jr., (Don’s father) had once occupied the home.

The home has been renovated recently and is now owned by Dan and Dana Krocker. The Carlisles have three children, James, Debbie and Linda. Fuzzy was well known as Goshen’s honorary mayor. During the 1993 Goshen Picnic, Don received a badge designating him as Mayor that had been made for him by neighbors. There is more on the Carlisle’s home and family on page 10 of Recollections of a Community Part 2.

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