Lloyd C. and Catherine (Bubbles) McWilliams Family

By:  Arlene McWilliams Transou

Lloyd C.McWilliams married Mary Catherine Richards November 30th of 1956, there are 4 children from this union, Dennis, Lea, myself, and Scott, while all except myself still live within a 2 mile radius, I’m the only one thats relocated to Wooster, Ohio, Dad bought a piece of the old Schaar farm, he and Mom lived upstairs in the old house, while Dad’s parents, the late Raymond and Lillie V along with Dads 2 youngest sisters, Bonnie (Zavasky) and Nancy (Kohler),lived in the downstairs, in the meantime, Dad and probably alot of others were building the basement home that was at the end of the property, when it was complete, Dad and company moved there, Grandpa passed, Aunt Bonnie married, my Aunt Nancy bought a house on the southside of New Phila, she and Grandma moved there, then the larger house was ours to move into, I remember the new carpet being put in, along with the new furniture, my brothers each had a bedroom, while my sister and I shared, we never had more than enough, and that was fine by all, Dad and Mom were a great team, and the 4 of us were extremely blessed to have them as parents! There are memories of our house/property that many, many, MANY Goshenites share with us, using the the basement home turned into a local hang-out, sled riding in the winter, football in the field behind the long closed Goshen School,we played baseball in the Schaar field behind us, we rode bikes all day every day, I would need more room to list them all, one last thing though…we have so many wonderful childhood friendships, the next generation friendships are extensions of us, all in all, I’d have to say we had it pretty darn good growing up!


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  1. Just a few comments on the Wallace Family. Henry and Maggie Wallace were my Aunt and Uncle. They lived at the bottom of Goshen hill on the Phila side. At the base of the hill houses ran like this….. on the Right… Paul Maurer, Wallace then on the left was the Wolfe family. I know the Maurer children built homes along this strech but that was latter.

    Wallace clan… Henry, Maggie, Children… Connie, Bonnie, John, Nancy, William, Eleanor, and Vicki. The family left Goshen in the ’50’s I’d guess and moved to Uhrichsville.

    Bob C.

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