Lloyd C. and Catherine (Bubbles) McWilliams Family

By:  Arlene McWilliams Transou

Lloyd C.McWilliams married Mary Catherine Richards November 30th of 1956, there are 4 children from this union, Dennis, Lea, myself, and Scott, while all except myself still live within a 2 mile radius, I’m the only one thats relocated to Wooster, Ohio, Dad bought a piece of the old Schaar farm, he and Mom lived upstairs in the old house, while Dad’s parents, the late Raymond and Lillie V along with Dads 2 youngest sisters, Bonnie (Zavasky) and Nancy (Kohler),lived in the downstairs, in the meantime, Dad and probably alot of others were building the basement home that was at the end of the property, when it was complete, Dad and company moved there, Grandpa passed, Aunt Bonnie married, my Aunt Nancy bought a house on the southside of New Phila, she and Grandma moved there, then the larger house was ours to move into, I remember the new carpet being put in, along with the new furniture, my brothers each had a bedroom, while my sister and I shared, we never had more than enough, and that was fine by all, Dad and Mom were a great team, and the 4 of us were extremely blessed to have them as parents! There are memories of our house/property that many, many, MANY Goshenites share with us, using the the basement home turned into a local hang-out, sled riding in the winter, football in the field behind the long closed Goshen School,we played baseball in the Schaar field behind us, we rode bikes all day every day, I would need more room to list them all, one last thing though…we have so many wonderful childhood friendships, the next generation friendships are extensions of us, all in all, I’d have to say we had it pretty darn good growing up!

Obituary – Danny Patrick McWilliams

DANNY PATRICK MCWILLIAMS, age 57, of New Philadelphia, died December 17, 2009 following a sudden illness. He was the son of Junior D. McWilliams and Alfreda (Noss) Brown. Danny was born on April 21, 1952 at Union Hospital. He graduated from Indian Valley North’s class of 1970 and was employed by Timken Roller Bearing Co., at New Philadelphia, for more than 35 years. In his spare time he enjoyed the outdoors. This included cutting firewood and hosting get-togethers with family and friends around a campfire. Scott McWilliams, who resides in Goshen, was named as a special cousin in Danny’s obituary. Danny enjoyed attending the annual Goshen Picnic and is missed by area residents.

Junior Delbert and Donna Mae McWilliams

From: Penny McWilliams Holder

Donna Mae McWilliams and Junior Delbert McWilliams (some people either called him JD or Mac).  Donna and JD’s son, Danny, was referred to by a lot of his dad’s friends as little Mac.

Mom and Dad married on February 17th, 1961. They each already had 3 children, and before they knew it, they had 2 more. We were in order from oldest to youngest: Ray, Patty, Danny, Steve, Diana, Mary Jo, Kathy, and then me. They moved to Goshen in 1961, but I’m not sure of the exact date. We grew up in the big brown shingled house on 416. It had been many things before becoming a single family home. It had been a boarding house for the workers of the Erie Canal, it had been a hospital during the Cival War, I think it had even been a duplex at one time. It was a little haunted to say the least. Anyone that spent any time there could tell you that. But Dad was a realist and didn’t believe in such things. Until…
When I was away at college, dad came home one day while mom was shopping. He heard my stereo going full blast upstairs and just assumed I had come home for the weekend. He went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled, “I’m home”.The music went off and he heard footsteps coming down the hall. He went back to the kitchen to make himself some coffee, and he heard the music turn back on. He agian went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled. The music stopped again. He finally came up to get me and, lo and behold, I wasn’t home. I was still at college. By the time mom got home, he was a nervous wreck. He told her what had happened, and she said, “I’ve told you for years that this place was haunted.”
But the house is gone now. I wish it was still standing. My whole childhood was spent there, and to tell you the truth, the ghosts didn’t really bother me. When I found out it was gone, I felt my heart break a little. So many memories turned to rubble.

My cousin, Scott McWilliams, was the one that taught me to ride a bike, and throw a baseball!

Sue Rolli Kirtley Family

  Sue Rolli Kirtley resided in Goshen from 1959 to 1976.  She lived with her parents Marge and Neil and brothers Kevin and Allan.  Neil passed away in January of 1987 and Kevin in December of 2004.  They had all resided along old Rt. 4 which is currently State Route 416 across from Rolli’s Tavern which was owned and operated by her parents.  They also owned a gas station at one time.
    Kirtley now lives in Dover and has two daughters Stacy Michelle and Blair Elizabeth, sons-in-law Dwyane and Sean and one granddaughter, Johanna Jane. Sue is currently working at Lauren Manufacturing, in New Philadelphia.  Kirtley says she always felt there was something fun to do in the Goshen community.
    “I played on the girls softball team for 5-6 years,” she noted. “I can remember Jim Scott, from Strasburg, was a coach at one point as well as Ed McPherson, of Tuscarawas. Jo Ann Davis (Guy), Bubbles (Catherine) McWilliams, Arleen and Leann (Liedke) McWilliams, Susie Kennedy (Burgess), Cheryl McPherson, Candy and Vicki Casebeer, Cindy (Krocker Davis) and Teri (Krocker Stein) were teammates as best I can remember. I think also Peggy Hobart, Debbie Shroyer and Susie Goss (Sherer) may have played at one time as well.”
    Kirtley also loved sled riding and ice skating and enjoyed watching the baseball teams during the summer.  The softball team played on the field once owned by Huck and Ellen Wilson and where the little league games were held.
    In her spare time these days, Kirtley likes to spend time with her brother.
    “Allan and I are very close,” she said.  “We enjoy riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, attending drag racing events together, or just going for a ride.”
    Kirtley remembers a lot of her family’s history as well as that of the community and is anxious to share it. Here is that history in her words:
    “Mom and Dad moved to Goshen in 1954 and built what is now Gary Mangon’s house. There, they operated a Sinclair gas station.”, she explained.  “My Grandma Helen Rolli, operated a general store next door in the house that Jimmy Carlisle did live in. I don’t know if he still lives there or not.  Also, my Grandma Helen operated a rootbeer stand on the property where Gary Garabrandt’s mobile home is located. The root beer stand had the first “drive in” movie in the area. The movies would be shown on the side of the store and later she got a big movie screen. My Grandma Rolli purchased the tavern from a lady named Mary Johnson and operated it for many years until she had a stroke and died in 1967. The tavern was left to my dad, Neil Rolli and it was operated by him and my mom, Marge and George “Pappy” Szita. Pappy was my Grandma Rolli’s companion for many years. He had a sister, Agnes and a brother Louis. They lived in a house beside Kennedy’s.
    I think the rebuilding of Route 4 into S.R. 416 happened in 1974-75. (In a later e-mail, Kirtley notes that on the back of a photo of the newly built tavern it says the plumbing was completed in 1973!) The new road caused several people to have to relocate their homes/businesses. Mom and Dad couldn’t have the tavern moved because it was such a large building, so they built a new tavern that is currently some type of “gaming” place. The old tavern was torn down because the new roads’ center line would basically go straight down through the middle of the building. I can remember the road crew hauled fill dirt off of mom and dad’s hill, behind our house, to make the base for the new road.
     I can remember that Ralph Simmers moved (Bill and Betty) Kennedy’s house down over the hill to its current location. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson’s house was bought by Mom and Dad and also moved by Ralph Simmers and was eventually located right across the road from the new tavern.  After some remodeling of the Anderson house, mom and dad sold the cement block house to Gary Mangon and we moved into the Anderson house. Agnes and Louis Szita’s house was also moved down the lane by the Welshenbaugh and Reynolds families. Also the gas station and store operated by Huck and Ellen Wilson was moved down the road.  Actually, their house was moved and a new gas station and store were built and is now where Fox’s Horse Farm is located.
    My dad raced stock cars for several years, say from 1954 until somewhere around 1959 or 1960. We always had a crowd of men in our garage. I can remember John Lieser, Jerry Coletti and Bob Condo. Ironically, Bob Condo is my neighbor now.  I have several pictures of my dad and his stock car and these guys.”
    Kirtley added that she has many photos of the community as well as some Goshen School “class photos” and would like to add those to the website in the near future.  Marge Rolli is now living at the Schoenbrunn Healthcare Center, in New Philadelphia.