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Miscellaneous Pictures – From: Mike Swaldo

Posted by on January 9, 2012

If you can identify these people, please comment on this post and I will
add the names to them.

L-R: Front- Dean Haney, Jack Davis (ball hat) Jane Cookson, (girl with knit hat) Frank Davis (ball hat) and Bob Haney (tallest boy) Back- Ida Mae Davis, Amelia Davis, Faye Haney and Ester Haney

L-R: Front- Frank and Jack Davis, Middle Row: Ida Davis and Faye Haney, Back Row- Amelia Davis, William Haney and Esther Haney

Both photos were taken in 1938-1939. The photo with 9 people in it was taken at the Haney Home. The photo with 7 people in it was taken at the Davis home and in the background to the right is the home belonging to Russell and Gladys Cookson. Jane Cookson, who is in the photo with the 9 people, is their daughter. That home did burn down some years later. Frank also said there was a small road leading from the the Russell Cookson place, back about a 1/4 of a mile to a log home belonging to Rusell’s father, James Cookson. James was married to Sue, who was the sister of Davis’s Grandfather Frank Hill. There was a home that cannot be seen in the photo with 7 people in it since it was taken in the back of the Davis property. That would be the home that now belongs to Eric Brokaw. It did belong to Lena Gervasi Richardson at that time. The Davis home is no longer standing.

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