The Edwards Sisters — 6 Comments

  1. My Guess, Mary Lou second from the Right… Bernie on the right. Reason…Mary Lou was always the shortest of the sisters as I remember and Bernie was slender and taller. I knew Sally as well but I understand she is not listed.. Just a guess. lol.

  2. I am pretty sure that the woman 2nd from the left is Dora Edwards Boyer. She stood up during the reunion and told stories of when she attended Sunday School at the Nazarene Church. One down and three to go… There are also two other sisters not pictured named Sally and Jean! We are getting closer! Ha,ha! Cindy Krocker Davis

  3. I am looking at the sign-in sheet for the 2009 (I mistakenly said 2010) Goshen reunion. I have Cora Edwards Patterson, Mary Edwards Carol, Bernice (?) Edwards Shull and I think it says Dora (?) Edwards Boyer, who resides in Phoenix now. I was talking to my mom and dad who said there may be another Edwards sister that is deceased. Does anyone know if the names I have listed are correct? It was hard to read a couple of the names. THANKS for any help! Cindy Krocker Davis

  4. We have the names as they signed a sheet while attending the Goshen Picnic in 2010. We just aren’t sure which name goes with which face. Still are looking for help!!! Thanks! Cindy Krocker Davis

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