5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Goshen School in 1947


Front row, l to r, Gary Gibson, Tom Carlisle, John Wallace, Phyllis Reynolds, Marge Carlisle, Anna Davis, Loretta Endsley, Virginia Gribble, Lois Oppy and Warner Maurer.
2nd row, l to r, Eddie Krocker, Junior Davis, Ronnie Harmon, Ronnie Gibson, Eddie Warner, Bill Anderson and Nellie Davis.

3rd row, l to r, Stogie Rausch, janitor, Donald Freeman, teacher, Lou Ann Briggs, Marge Oppy, Shirley Murphy, Augusta Endsley, Bonnie Wallace, Shirley Maurer, Connie Gibson and Joan Garrett.

4th row, l to r, Eugene Wolfe, Jack Davis, Frank Swaldo, Frank Davis, Calvin Brown, Earl Walton and Bob Schaar.

Goshen 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th-graders taken in the Goshen gym in 1950

Goshen 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th-graders taken in the Goshen gym in 1950

L-R-Front _ Russell Hobart, Warner Maurer, Dave Hanlon, Larry Gibbs, Dick Leggett, Harold Lute and Eddie Warner.

2nd-Row L-R _ Nancy Wallace, Sally Edwards, Phyllis Reynolds, Anna Davis, Lois Oppy, Marge Carlisle, Sandra Kohler, Shelby Meldrum and Peggy Torgler.

3rd Row L-R _ Mary Moore, John Wallace, Bob Moore, Frank Davis, Earl Walton, Eddie Krocker, Lou Ann Briggs and teacher Lorell D. Bowers.

Obituary – Lois E. Mansill

LOIS E. MANSILL, 72, of Sherrodsville, died on September 21, 2008, after a lengthy illness. She was the daughter of the late James A. and Bernice K. Oppy, of Goshen. She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Diann Mansill and one granddaughter, Kathrine Mansill. Lois was preceded in death by her husband Bart F. Mansill, who was the former Principal of Central Elementary, in New Philadelphia School District. Lois worked for many years at Harts Family Center, in New Philadelphia and was a member of the Gohsen Community Church of the Nazarene, in Goshen. Rev. Lee Randolph officiated the funeral service. A reception was held in the social hall of the church following the burial at Roxford Church Cemetery.

1948 Goshen School 1st through 4th grades

1948 Goshen School 1st through 4th grades

Front row, kneeling, l to r  – William Wallace, Tom Krocker, Jim Hobart, Jackie Wolfe, Jack Hobart, Don Hanlon and Harold Lute.

Second row, l to r  –  Dorothy Endsley, ??? Gribble, Bernice Edwards, Bob Cookson, Phyllis Reynolds, Nancy Hobart, Linda Carlisle, Thelma Lute, Jimmy Maurer.

Third row, l to r  –  Dorothy Garrett (substitute teacher), Larry Gibbs, Jasper Reynolds, Sandy Kohler, Kathy Oppy, Charlene Swaldo, Cindy Kohler, Bonnie Hobart, Sally Edwards.

Fourth row, l to r – Peggy Torgler, Dick Leggett, Nancy Wallace, Dave Walton, Russ Hobart, Shelby Meldrum, Dave Hanlon.

Regular teacher was Mrs. Moreland.

Lawrence (Larry) and Jo Ann V. Davis Guy

Jo Ann V. Davis and Lawrence L. Guy were married in the Goshen Community Church of the Nazarene, on February 20, 1982. They resided in Uhrichsville for several months before returning to the Goshen Community in September. They lived on Robson Dr. in their mobile home which was later moved to their property on Goshen Valley Rd. They built a split level home in 1995 and continue to reside there. Prior to her marriage, Jo Ann resided with her parents Floyd (Zeke) and Marjorie (Oppy) Davis, on Goshen Valley Rd.

Obituary – John T. White

JOHN T. WHITE, 74, passed away on January 26, 2012. White did not live in Goshen at the time that he purchased all 91 acres of the James A. Oppy Farm from Bernice K. Oppy in the mid 1970’s. Bernice had decided to move to Michigan to reside with her daughter Kathy after the passing of her husband James. John divided the property into various sized lots to be sold. He built homes on a couple of the properties before selling them, including a ranch home on Goshen Valley Rd. One of the homes built by White was an A-Frame on Possum Hollow Rd, which his family resided in for many years. It was stated in the obit that the A-Frame was White’s favorite house. The home was later inhabited by the WTUZ Radio Station. During his years as a self-employed carpenter, White also built many homes on the Southside of New Philadelphia. He proudly served in the Navy. White’s obit was published in the Times Reporter, on January 31, 2012.

James and Bernice Oppy Family

The James Abraham Oppy family purchased their 91 acre farm in 1945. Oppy wanted to use the land for farming but he also was employed at the Reeves Steel Co., in Dover, for 44 years. He was married to Bernice Kathryn Oppy and they had four daughters: Donna Cunningham, Marjorie Davis, Lois Mansill and Kathryn Ritenour. Marjorie and her husband Floyd “Zeke” Davis continue to reside in Goshen near the farm that sits on Goshen Valley Rd. The Oppy’s great-grandson, Mitchell Joseph Davis and his wife Diane, now own the home. Marjorie and Floyd have three children who reside in Goshen, Melvin L. and Mary L. Davis, Marvin R. and Cynthia A.Davis and JoAnn V. and Larry Guy. A photo of the Oppy home in 1943 can be seen on page 10 of the Recollections of a Community Part 2. The house was thought to be built in the 1830′s and had been granted for missionary work.

Prior to living at the Oppy Farm on Goshen Valley Rd., the  James Abraham Oppy family resided in the home now occupied by Flora Dindo on Goshen Hill Rd. for two years.

Phil and Suzanne Albury Family

Phillip John Albury and Suzanne Sever Winters Albury were married July 22, 1972 in the First Christian Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio. They initially lived in the Schoenbrunn area. In approximately 1978, We purchased the current property from John White, which was part of the Oppy Farm with the Green Bank Barn. We fenced in the pasture and raised beef steers. In 1980, we built our ranch home. We have 3 sons and 2 daughters. Seth Phillip Albury (August 1980), Christopher John Albury (October 1982), Nathan David Albury (May 1984), Lauren Suzanne Albury “Dolly” (February 1988), Melissa Elizabeth Albury “Princess” (September 1990). The Albury’s have 1 grandson, Tyler (April 1999) that is Seth’s son. Grandma Kate Hanlon (Goshen Resident) was the family babysitter for 18 years. Goshen has been a great place for our family to grow up. The Land of Goshen Valley is the best location to live and the nicest neighbors!

Marvin and Cindy Davis Family

Marvin Ray and Cynthia Ann Krocker Davis moved into their Goshen Valley Rd. home in September, of 1977. They built the ranch-style house on acreage purchased from Marvin’s parents, Floyd A. and Marjorie A. Oppy Davis, also of Goshen Valley Rd. Marvin and Cindy were married on June 24th, 1977 in the Sacred Heart Church, in New Philadelphia. Prior to marrying Marvin, Cindy had lived on David Rd. with her parents Edward K. and Mary M. Mathias Krocker and siblings Theresa J. Stein, Douglas E., James A., Joseph R. and Scott R., across from the Zeisberger Cemetery. On January 29th, they had their first son, Mitchell Joseph Davis. On September 11, 1983, they had twin sons, Matthew James Oppy Davis and Marc Edward Russell Davis. Matthew married Erin R. Mann, of Tuscarawas, on August 7, of 2010. They currently reside in Tuscarawas. Mitchell married Diane M. Szymanski, from Wilmot, on May 21, 2011. Mitch and Diane live on the former Oppy farm owned by his great- grandparents, James A. and Bernice K. Oppy, also on Goshen Valley Rd. Mitch purchased the property in the fall of 2004 and renovated the home that was estimated to be built in the 1830′s.